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We strive to deliver services that will go above and beyond a standard motorcycle shop by providing our clients with an experience which mechanically encourages all aspects of the sport.


We are a one-stop shop to all things high-end motorcycle. From design to ride, and everything in between, Motorsport Exotica will work with you to build the bike of your dreams.

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Motorsport Exotica is a full repair facility, specializing in performance based modifications. 

Check out our photos of new bike builds, events, and race updates.

Motorsport Exotica is dedicated to helping the community. Come show your support at our next event.

This place is maybe the only mechanic shop I can honestly and whole heartedly leave 5 stars for. I drove all the way from San Diego to get my R1 dyno-tuned because I'd heard they are the best in SoCal.


These guys are pros, highly recommended, thanks for the great work!

Jamie C.

The team at Motorsport Exotica is a solid group of guys.  The great thing about the motorcycle community is that it's small, so word gets around quick.  These guys are super active in the community and also have a race team. Their prices are extremely reasonable, they won't upsell you, and most importantly, they know exactly what they're talking about.  Definitely going to be my go to shop.

Stephen K.

Motorsport Exotica is definitely a shop that excels in customer service, and one I trust and recommend for any bike job in the LA area -- something that can't often be said.

Thanks, Jarred, for taking care of me and my bike. You'll definitely see us again.

Jairo M.

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