Motorsport Exotica offers full in-house dyno capabilities. Using our brand new Dynojet 250I Eddy Brake dynamometer, we have the tools to dial in all variations of motors including but not limited to Japanese and Italian bikes. With this technology at our finger tips we have the ability to control air fuel ratios, adjust drive by wire maps, set igniting timing, create multiple fuel maps,  check horsepower at the rear wheel and see torque curves. This also allows us to diagnose several issues only found when the bike is running and gear engaged. 


Please see below for some of the companies we work in conjunction with to help achieve that perfect tune on your bike.


Piggy Back (Not limited to):



          Rapid Bike

          HP Racing RCK3

Flashing capabilities (Not limited to):



          Tune Boy

          HP Racing

          Socio/Techno Research

          Open Source



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